So many major stories have been coming out of the National Football League (NFL) recently. No matter who you were rooting for, the thrilling divisional playoff game on January 23 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills has to be considered one of the best of all time. This past week, it was widely reported that Tom Brady, the winningest quarterback in Super Bowl history, is finally retiring after over two decades. And, of course, the Super Bowl is right around the corner.

Tom Brady has been lucky to have gone through his career with minimal disruption from injuries. Other players have not been so lucky. Some of the most injured players do not actually feel the full impact of their injuries until long after they retire. While the longer-term implications are still being researched, it is clear that suffering repeated head injury—such as that experienced by a football player—is known to cause a serious, debilitating medical disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

CTE is usually diagnosed after death by autopsy, but the symptoms are felt during life. They can include cognitive impairment (like memory loss), behavioral changes (like aggression), and mood disorders (like depression and anxiety), among others. In roughly the past decade, over 300 NFL players have been diagnosed with CTE. It also known to impact professional boxers and members of the military.

Like all traumatic brain injuries, CTE can have devastating consequences for not only the individual, but his or her entire family. We have the experience, creativity, and resources to help victims of CTE and other traumatic brain injuries. In the past decade alone, Kherkher Garcia has represented dozens of brain injury victims in cases across the nation. We work with the nation’s leading experts to help our clients understand the full breadth of their brain injuries by using highly sensitive brain scans. And we work with psychologists and rehabilitation professionals to ensure our clients have a treatment plan that maximizes their chances of a positive outcome.

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