Roadway traffic affects all of our lives, not just those who are directly impacted from a slow drive to the office or experience a deadly truck accident tragedy. Each year the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) releases its findings of the most congested roadways in Texas so that we can better understand where the delays are occurring so that we might improve safety, reduce costs associated with wasted fuel and time. This year the stretch of Interstate Highway 35 that runs through the city of Austin ranked worst. The roads were ranked based on “annual delay per mile (person-hours)”:

  1. I-35 through Downtown Austin: 1,647,353
  2. Houston’s West Loop (I-610): 1,628,226
  3. Houston’s Southwest Freeway (I-69): 1,212,072
  4. Dallas’ Woodall Rodgers Freeway (SS-366): 1,101,570
  5. Eastex Freeway (I-69): 1,003,970

You can see the full listing on the TTI’s website.

Traffic Accidents Remain High During Pandemic

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic caused less overall traffic due to the decreased numbers of vehicles on the road, there were still significant rates of traffic accidents — including crashes involving large commercial vehicles like 18-wheelers. The National Safety Council reported a 14% jump in motor vehicle fatality rates earlier this year despite widespread quarantines. “The risk on our roads has actually increased,” said Ken Kolosh, the council’s manager of statistics, who ran the data analysis.

Trucking Safety Concerns Remain

At Kherkher Garcia LLP, we are especially concerned about protecting the rights of individual who have been injured in a commercial trucking accident. The liability for truck accidents can be complicated. In a car accident, you typically only interact with the driver of the other car and his or her insurance company. But in commercial trucks like 18-wheelers, moving vans, or company vehicles, not only do you have to consider the the driver of the truck—but you also need to take a look at: the company employing the driver; the owner of the truck; who loaded the truck’s cargo; and the manufacturer of the truck or the truck parts.

Make Sure You Protect Yourself After a Truck Crash

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a truck accident, make sure you hire an attorney who truly understands how the process works. Truck accident claims can be very complicated and you should do your research to work with an experienced truck accident attorney who knows the law and has a proven record of success in the courtroom. If a company is at fault they should be held responsible, but many commercial trucking companies have an army of lawyers working for them who will try to downplay your damages and injuries starting the very moment after an accident occurs. It’s very important to connect with an attorney that can help you right away. The truck accident attorneys at Kherkher Garcia are on your side and ready to fight for what’s best for you. We are with you all the way. Contact us today for help with your claim. You can ask us anything.