According to The Hill, the U.S. House approved legislation that ends forced arbitration in sexual assault and harassment lawsuits. President Biden will sign off on the new legislation as early as next week as it moves to the Senate.

Over 60 million Americans have signed standard workplace agreements affected by Monday’s vote. Most of them aren’t even aware they’ve given up their right to sue workplace sexual predators.

This bill ensures sexual assault and harassment victims have the right of bringing a case in open court, instead of being forced into private arbitration.  Previously, #MeToo cases were often held in private and confidential hearings.

The old laws protect workplace predators. 19th News shares sexual assault victims aren’t allowed to share their stories with a jury of their peers. Their claims are heard by arbitrators who are 88 percent White and 77% men according to the American Association of Justice (AAJ).

The new legislation ensures sexual assault victims can get their day in court.  Please contact the Kherkher Garcia, LLP Sexual Assault lawyers at or 1-713-333-1030 if you’ve been sexually assaulted at work. We’ll be with you every step of the way.