Chemical plant workers are exposed to hazardous substances every day. According to HSE, employees that handle chemicals are in the top five industries for workplace fatalities. The news openly shares how the general public responds to these terrifying incidents. The Winston Weaver Fertilizer Explosion required residents within one mile to evacuate. Schools were put on precaution after the Westlake Chemical Explosion. Local plant workers shared stories about being told to keep quiet by employers after explosions.

Employers have a duty to ensure proper safety procedures are put in place to reduce the risk of death and injury. Industry safety standards are constantly evolving. There are even crisis response apps specifically for chemical disasters.

Here are five things chemical plant workers should do immediately following a workplace accident:

  1. Follow chemical explosion protocol immediately after a workplace explosion. Ensure you’re familiar with manuals, updates, and attend all safety demonstrations.
  2. Assist fellow chemical plant workers as needed keeping your own safety in mind. Injuries will vary depending on accident type and location.
  3. Report issues as required by law. Discuss your legal rights with a reputable lawyer. Your employer may ask you to keep quiet to minimize financial responsibility. Seek the advice of an experienced chemical explosion lawyer.
  4. Get medical attention if required. Ensure you do this as quickly as possible. Contact lawyers familiar with these sorts of incidents if you don’t have the financial capability to pay for a hospital visit. Follow evacuation orders, stay indoors as required, and adhere to drinking water restrictions.
  5. The last step is determining your legal rights. Chemical plant workers were awarded large settlements due to their injuries, inability to work, and pain and suffering.

We believe employers are obligated to look after their workers, especially workers who face dangerous job conditions. The chemical explosion lawyers at KherkherGarcia, LLP are available 24/7 to answer all of your questions, provide medical resources, and explain your legal rights. We’ll fight to get you the financial compensation you deserve. We’re the lawyers your employers are worried about. Contact us today at or via 1-713-547-4842.